Kristina Ask: Unmarked Categories, 2007

colour pencil drawings, 297 x 420 mm

The Unmarked Categories exhibition open in K2 Gallery in Izmir

September 11h and October 11th 2007

The project attends question of the current dominant power structures from the perspective of the powerless.

K2 Contemporary Art Centre / Izmir
Project Initiator: Elmas Deniz
Participant Writers/Text contributions:
Askhan Sepharvand, Johnny Golding, Homework /Carlos Motta, Ditte Lyngkaer Pedersen, Lize Mogel, Jeuno J.E.Kim
Participant Artists:
Morten Goll, Kristina Ask, Mahmoud Khaled, Gökçe Suvari, Mehmet Dere, Michael Baers

Unmarked Categories

K2, Izmir, Turkey