"They are changing the balance –
and that of cause has some long term consequences"

(From the public debate, quoting The Danish Peoples Party)

The poster OUTSIDE is a comment to the present situation of fifty Iraqi families living in refugee camps in Denmark. The destiny of these families is clashing with the paradox that two home rule representatives from Greenland sitting in the Danish Parliament can push the balance of the votes, and thereby the destiny of these families. The case is called domestic: in this way a (former) colonial power, also part of the coalition in Iraq, makes the future of fifty Iraqi families an internal affair.
OUTSIDE is an image of border crossing global power relations and the piece suggests, that the paradox at work in the case of fifty Iraqi families and two representatives of Greenland is revealing the repressive mechanisms of an otherwise 'tolerant democracy'.

The piece is shown at the exhibition Repressive Tolerance 4ever?
Backyard Gallery, Copenhagen
January/February 2008