Free floating Faculty is a collaborative project about the production of knowledge. Free Floating Faculty has been engaged in activities in Hamburg, Vienna, Berlin as well as in Copenhagen.

Free floating Faculty is aiming at defining public spaces through collective knowledge production. In a row of workshops we engaged different groups of people arround topics such as filesharing, self-organising and writting history.

When docking in Hamburg and Vienna the Free Floating Faculty was part of the exhibition project Wir...Wissen hosted by Manoa Free University. In Berlin Free floating Faculty was part of the exchange project CitySellingCityTelling at Sparwasser HQ. In Copenhagen Free Floating Faculty took part in the exhibition City Rumble at Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art.

The following text is from the Reader_01 presenting the programme and the people we collaborated with while docking in Copenhagen and Berlin;

The Free Floating Faculty is initiating a series of collaborative research tasks, examining art as knowledge production. The project is taking place in both Vienna, Berlin and Copenhagen. Under the title SharingKnowledge/OpenSource/BerlinCopenhagen, the Free Floating Faculty will dock at Sparwasser HQ to take part in the project CitySellingCityTelling. In Berlin we will relate our work to the projects: INS/International Necronautical Society, Tadej Pogacar/CODE:RED and Andreas Fogarasi/Public Brands. The Free Floating Faculty will subsequently bring the projects from CitySellingCityTelling to Copenhagen, to host discursive workshops involving a local audience.

SharingKnowledge is a process of production in which we tell to share and listen to un-learn. What do we know, who told us and who do we tell? Every process of production is collective. We meet, talk, listen, read, see and exchange. OpenSource is a method of production in which we share knowledge, information, challenges, experiences and ideas. We make our thoughts accessible, we exchange ideas and actions, not to take and claim, but to share and distribute. BerlinCopenhagen are two anchor points of the Free floating Faculty between which we are not in transit but at home! We invite local audiences to engage in sharing files and exchanging knowledge in a collaborative effort of unlearning!
INS, International Necronautical Society
Andreas Fogarasi/ Public Brands
Tadej Pogacar/ CODE:RED

The projects involved in CitySellingCityTelling are in different ways all examining the role of art and the relation to society in ways that challenge the public being addressed. What does it mean to address a public? What is a public!? Collective and process-oriented projects include a public be it defined by common interests, a specific site/ the local or a sudden time frame in the process of production. Dealing with counter or parallel economies, with the signs signifying a (constructed) public or common property,, with the language of propaganda or an abstract notion of death as presence and/or amnesia are all perspectives narrating different local-ties in social, economic, political and cultural ways. These perspectives can seem closer to the defining specificities than a place, a moment or a situation in itself. In Copenhagen the INS, International Necronautical Society, Andreas Fogarasi and the project Public Brands and Tadej Pogacar with his project CODE:RED will be presenting their work to the local audience and take part in the more informal workshops in the framework of the Free Floating Faculty. We invite the INS to engage in the workshop PROPAGANDA! and to present their project Calling All Agents: INS Radio Broadcasts that took place in London 2004. This project will be the basis on which the INS and the Free Floating Faculty will deal with the use of propaganda as a strategy and as a way of addressing and drawing the attention of a public. We invite Tadej Pogacar and the project CODE:RED to take part in the workshop MAYDAY! in Copenhagen. In this frame work we will put a focus on the performative aspect of art and activism and talk about organizing as the forming of counter publics and as a social tool. We invite Andreas Fogarasi and the project Public Brand to take part in the workshop PIRACY! in Copenhagen. What defines a public and what kind of social and cultural economic role does signs play?
We are floating! The Free Floating Faculty is aiming at producing public spaces, counter to the commercial, the culturally dictated, the economically defining and other so called public spaces that we (have to) relate to as citizens, consumers, visitors or rejected subjects. This is what we wish to un-learn. In Copenhagen the Free Floating Faculty will be based on a life boat positioned in the harbor of Christianshavn. This will be our informal meeting point, hangout and point of identification in the local area. The workshops will take place at different venues depending on the topic, the size of the working group, the weather etc. We will be using local venues like community houses, pubs, parks and others. We will also make excursions to places representing or hiding a story connected to the workshop topics. In Copenhagen we will also be docking at the nearby islands around the city. The Free Floating Faculty will board the former sea trawler of the GDR fishing fleet Stubnitz, visiting Copenhagen in May. Here we will be introduced to the history of the ship, have a guided tour and talk about the shift in the use of Stubnitz from production industry of the GDR into the cultural industry of new Europe.
This is an overview of the activities of the Free Floating Faculty in
Copenhagen, also being the points of exchange with projects in Berlin and Vienna. The events at the Free Floating Faculty will take the shape of informal discussions, workshops and excursions. These will take place in the framework of our lifeboat in the harbor of Copenhagen or in other local spaces. We will be producing readers as common starting points for the workshops and as post-productions. The readers will contain common property, material found on the internet, images and shorter texts by us and other participants, material that we wish to share and distribute. We will also produce programs for tv-tv, a local, artist run TV station in Copenhagen.

As our contribution to the exhibition CityRumble at Overgaden in Copenhagen the Free Floating Faculty has put together this program of workshops. The themes serve as anchor points in a process of examining what it means to produce, read and delete knowledge. The program will in itself serve as a method of challenging art as a kind of knowledge production.

Under the theme WRITING HISTORY! and on the basis of the historical example of the Woman,s prison, positioned in Christianshavn until nearly a hundred years ago, we will talk about the writing of history as collective memory and amnesia and about the role and position of women in history. For this workshop we invite a representative of the local affiliation of the Salvation Army to talk about their social work in the local context, in history as well as today. We also invite the art collective Women Down the Pub, who are playing an important part in researching and spreading other histories than those of the books... In addition the artist Dahn Vo and his father will tell the story about the ship in which the family escaped Vietnam 25 years ago. This part of the workshop will take place in the pub of the Vo family in Valby.

Under the theme MAYDAY! we will discuss international networks of grassroots and redefinitions of work and of organizing. We invite the local affiliation of EuroMayDay to evaluate the 1st of May parades and to talk about organizing as alternative spaces in a commercially dominated society. For this workshop we also invite La Loko, an artist group working with Esperanto as an alternative frame for language, culture and exchange.

Under the theme PIRACY! We will discuss filesharing as a form of knowledge exchange and production. We will unfold notions of piracy, not as taking to claim as property, but as taking to share and distri-bute. We will talk about pirate media on the basis of the historical example of the pirate radio Radio Mercur. We also invite the activist network Piratgruppen to talk about their work and their fights with an out-datet legislation system (especially concerning the use of the internet) and to take part in a discussion on filesharing as a demo-cratic tool. We will be screening the movies "Skibet er ladet Med...", a Danish comedy from the 1950-ties about a pirate radio station assembling Radio Mercur, as well as the classic Captain Blood, starring Errol Flynn. We are working on producing PIRADIO at the Free Floating Faculty in Christianshavn.

We invite sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard and the radio collective John Moss, broadcasting via the internet from Vienna, Copenhagen and Gothenburg, to talk about sound as a way of gathering information, producing and exchanging knowledge.

The London based group INS, taking part in CitySellingCityTelling at Sparwasser HQ in Berlin, will be joining us in Copenhagen in discussions of the relation between art and propaganda as a political, cultural and social tool. This workshop will be co-hosted by the art magazine Øjeblikket, of which the coming issue has the theme Propaganda.

On the backdrop of the exhibition project W...WirWissen at Exnergasse in Vienna in which the Free Floating Faculty takes part, we will discuss collective production of knowledge in self-organized frameworks. We invite Manoa Free University, hosting the project in Vienna, as well as other participating groups from Berlin and Hamburg. This workshop is planed to take place one of the nearby islands...

Free Floating Faculty is a self-organized project challenging what we know, how we learn it, where we learn it and who told us.

We are –
FREE as in unrestricted, unoccupied, Kostenlos/Gratis, informal and independent,
FLOATING as in diffuse, no fixed position and no fixed mode of production,
FACULTY as in processes of learning and un-learning.

We do not ship goods, but ideas and narratives. We take back words productive of knowledge and commons. We are pirates attacking foes, reproducing, copying and pasting what is useful to our floating purpose.

W...WirWissen Workshop in Hamburg