SUBTERRAMANIA Taking part in the group exhibition INGE focusing on the life and research of the Danish seismologist
Inge Lehmann; organized by Kontoret for Undergrundsanliggender. Geologisk Museum, CPH, DK


ANIMATING THE ARCHIVE A Group project - Arkiv Stakit Kasket – part of the festival Tumult taking place in the southern region of Denmark. Animating the Archive examins the meaning, production and disapperance of local history. Museum of Møn, DK
Co-curating with Tomas Lagermand Lundme. Participating artists: Kristina Ask, Tanja Rau, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, Jens Haaning, Jens Hultquist, Huskegruppen, Peter Brandt, Tomas Lagermand Lundme, Frans Jacobi, Olof Olsson, Lars Rank, Mette Winckelmann. Cph, DK
Acting Normal (2nd view) A collaboration with designer Tesnim Sayar for the exhibition “Danmarksportræt anno 2010 – en guide til nationen for ’verdens lykkeligste folk’”, Overgaden. CPH


CHINA SHOP. STATE OF EMERGENCY Group show at Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art.
Co-curating with Tomas Lagermand Lundme. Participating artists: Kristina Ask, Tanja Rau, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, Jens Haaning, Jens Hultquist, Huskegruppen, Peter Brandt, Tomas Lagermand Lundme, Frans Jacobi, Olof Olsson, Lars Rank, Mette Winckelmann. Cph, DK
Translation Paradoxes and Misunderstandings, part 2 Taking part with the project DICTIONARY. Shedhalle, Switzerland
SUM FOCUS Contributing to the focus section of the magazine SUM, edited by Kuratorisk Aktion (Frederikke Hansen & Tone O. Nielsen)
INSTANT HERLEV Co-producing and taking part in the second group show in suburban public/
private space of Herlev. Participating artists and architects: 3RW-architect, Kristina Ask, Camilla Berner, Giamoco Castagnola, Fallen Fruit, Infranatural, Jens Haaninge. DK
ANSKUELSE Co-producing the show in colaboration with Elsebeth Jørgensen and Jørgen Michaelsen. Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, DK


Agulhas Negras A Summer School about the necessity to discuss the social functions of
contemporary art. Participating artists: Narda Alvarado, Kristina Ask, Ellen Blumenstein, Jared Domicio, Karina Granieri, Emma Kihl, Michael Müller, Unnar Örn, Amílcar Packer, Olivia Plender, Katharina Schlieben, Sophia Tabatadze, Annette Weisser, Carla Zaccagnini. São Paulo, Brazil
The Incomplete Picture Research project and publication on the contemporary language
of images. Presented at the 5th Berlin Biennial in collaboration with BAS (Istanbul)
OUTSIDE Contribution to the show “Repressive Tolerance”, Backyard Gallery. Copenhagen, DK
A Building we build Group show about building up communities. Participating artists: Kristina Ask, Peter Brandt, Tomas Lagermand Lundme, Pind, Mette Winckelmann, Pernille Priergaard Worsøe. Beaver Projects, Cph


Public Address Conference on autonomous art in public spaces. Organized by PUBLIK & Gregory Sholette. Participating artists: 16 Beaver Group, Kristina Ask, Kenneth Balfeldt, Kirsten Forkert, Sharon Hayes, Annika Lundgren, Rikke Luther, Nis Rømer, Åsa Sonjasdotter, Daniel Tucker. New York, USA
We are the bastards not fit for our office Group show “Big Family Business”,
IMC center. In collaboration with Christian Hillesø, Mads Rasmussen & Mia Rosasco. Istanbul, Turkey
Unmarked Categories Group show at K2. Participating artists: Kristina Ask, Michael Baers, Mehmet Dere, Luca Frei, Morten Goll, Mahmoud Khaled, Gökçe Suvari. Izmir, Turkey
Documenta 12 Magazine The magazine Øjeblikket is a member of the Documenta
12 network. Kassel, Germany
FLUXID Co-arranging the exhibition of the FLUXUS artist Henning Christiansen, Den Frie. Cph, DK
21 days/21 years Unfolding the archive of Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art. Cph, DK


DICTIONARY A collaborative publication on the production and sharing of knowledge.
Produced in Istanbul, Turkey
I Skumringen LARMgallery. Cph, DK
OBS! Free paper produced by PUBLIK
Sygdommens Ansigt [The Face of Illness] Medicinsk Museion. Cph, DK
Esplanaden Group show at Den Frie. Cph, DK
Acting Normal Contribution to the group show “Normalization”, Rooseum. Malmö, Sweden
How to do things (in the middle of nowhere?) Mediator Kunsthallen Nikolaj. Cph, DK


City Rumble
Contributing to the group show at Overgaden, Institute for Contemporary Art, in collaboration with Christian Hillesø. Cph, DK
CitySelling/CityTelling Sparwasser Hq. Berlin, Germany
Mellemrum [Inbetween spaces] Summer show at Masnedø Fortress. DK
W...wir Wissen Collective exhibition and workshop, Kunsthalle Xnergasse. Vienna, Austria
REdeTOUR Contributing to the group show “Urban Circulations” in collaboration with Christina Werner and Christine Wolfe. Curated by Judith Schwatzbart, Lichtenberg. Berlin, Germany


Manyfacture Group show at The Living Art Museum, in collaboration with Critical Studies. Reykjavik, Iceland
Malmöfeature Group show at The Test Site, Rooseum, Contemporary Art Center, in collaboration with Critical Studies. Malmö, Sweden
Fundamentalisms of the New Order Charlottenborg, catalogue contribution by V3TO. Cph, DK


The fall Exhibition Charlottenborg. Cph, DK
Rocker by Choice V3TO contribute to the part of the group show curated by Tone O. Nielsen. Chisenhale gallery. London, UK
Re/aktion Free paper on alternative art practices, distributed in Copenhagen, DK
EXIT Degree show, Kunstforeningen Gammelstrand. Cph, DK
Minority Repport Group show at Gallery Pio Diaz. Cph, DK
Selvsving Group project at Køge Skitsesamling, DK
Woman 2003 Billboard project in public spaces of Copenhagen & Malmö, DK/S


KUNSTEN.NU Part-taker in a panel on experience economy and artistic integrity. Kødbyen, Cph
Provinskunst Part-taker in a panel on the terms of contemporary art in the outskirts
Self-Publishing Workshop på Det Fynske Kunstakademi, Odense, DK
Sur-viver Seminar on art workers organisations. Skuc Gallery. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Self-organising & art precariarity Unge Kunstneres Samfund. Oslo, Norway
Critical Studies External adviser, Malmö Art Academy, Sweden

FAKTA/KANON! Workshop and publication: the missing links of art history from a feminist
perspective. Collaboration with MFK, Malmö Free Women University. Malmö, S
Self-organizing as feminist strategy? Workshop and research project in collaboration with Kirsten Forkert. Overgaden, Institute for Contemporary art. Cph, DK
The end of Political Art? Panel discussion arranged by Das Bäckwerk & Mikkel Bolt, Kunsthallen Nikolaj. Cph, DK
Women in Art Talk at the organization Women Academics. Cph, DK
Breaking the lawn Workshop in collaboration with MFK, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning. Cph, DK
WORKafFAIR Seminar and workshop arranged by Rum 46. Århus, DK
Exhibiting an Archive Lecture and workshop at the Art Academy in Århus, DK

Mapping Urban Economy Workshop at the Art Academy Varland. Gothenburg, Sweden
Documenta 12 Magazines Lecture at the Royal Art Academy. Cph, DK

Free Floating Faculty A series of workshops in public spaces. Developed in collaboration with Christian Hillesø. Copenhagen & Berlin

W...wir Wissen Workshop in collaboration with Manoa Free University, Cph Free University, Freie Klasse, University of Openness, Free Floating Faculty. Hamburg, Germany
Werkleitz Biennial Workshop “Common Property” developed in collaboration with Christina Werner & Christine Wolfe. Halle, Germany
Unionizing Workshop Workshop developed in collaboration with Karoline Larsen & Jakob Jakobsen (UKK, Young Art Workers), Flaxman Lodge. London, UK

pArt Panel discussion on process oriented art (Nifca). Gothenburg, Sweden
Offentlig Uro [Public Disturbance] at Splab arranged by Jan Danebod, The Judland Art Academy, Århus, DK


2008: “Conseptual myths and truths” published in ØJEBLIK! and on MODKRAFT
Contributing to the exhibition catalogue Unmarked Categories
Article Was that all!? for the street theatre festival in Helsingor, Denmark
2007: Contribution to the magazine Fucking Good Art, Cph/Rotterdam
The text “FREEDOM” has also been printed in Big Mac #2 (Rotterdam)
2006: Text for the catalogue How To Do Things (in The Middle of Nowhere)...?
Writing reviews for the art magazine Art Papers. Atlanta, USA
Contribution to Provisorium in relation to the exhibition “Normalization”. Rooseum, Malmö, Sweden
"Art and critical thinking as possible terrorism" in the art magazine Øjeblikket
2005: Contribution to the anthology City Rumble, published by Politisk Revy
“Under the Pavement” Article in the magazine Salt
2004: Contribution to the anthology Monument published in relation to the exhibition “Monument”, Informations Forlag
Visual contribution to the Bkf magazine May/June, theme: Populism
Article in Nifca Info about the exhibition Manyfacture
2003: Publish the paper Re/aktion, editor
“Constructive destructions” Nifca Info, in relation to pArt, Gothenburg, Sweden
Visual contribution to the catalogue Woman 2003, Informations Forlag
Visual contribution to the book Udsigt, Informations Forlag


Co-editor and graphic designer of the Danish art magazine Øjeblikket [The Moment]. Produced in collaboration with Karin Hindsbo, Mikkel Bolt, Ask Katzeff, Jeppe Wedel-Brandt and Josephine Fitty. Informations Forlag.
Board member of UKK, Young Artworkers, 2004–08. A Danish organisation for young artists, curators and critics. Chairman 2007–08.
Theory & Communication Responsible for the archive and for the developement of a model for artistic research, The Royal Danish Art Academy, in collaboration with Carsten Juhl. Cph, DK
Co-editor of KULTUR on the news web site MODKRAFT, 2007–08
Residency of the Danish Art Council, Berlin, Fall/Winther, 2004/05
Board member of the artist-run local TV-station tv-tv in Copenhagen, 2006-2008, DK.
Working in Istanbul, Fall/Winther, 2006
Artist-in-residency Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art. Cph, DK
Member of Danish Art Critiques,
Member of Kunstnersamfundet [The Artist Community],
Board member of Kunsthal Charlottenborg, November 2008–May 2009
Print Matters! Freelance graphic design.
Daily leader of the exhibition space 44 MØEN in Askeby, Møn, in collaboration with chairman Bjørn Nørgaard and
artistic director René Block. 2008-2010.
Member of the Danish Art Council from April 2011


1997 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. Copenhagen. Denmark
1999 Hochshule der Kunst (professor Katharina Sieverding). Berlin, Germany
2000 Department of Media Art, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art
2001 Department of Theory & Communication, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art
2003 Graduating from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, MA in art & art theory
2003 Critical Studies. Post-graduate programme at Malmö Konsthögskola. Sweden
Seminars with among others: Sarat Maharaj, Gyatri Spivak, Simon Sheik,
Charles Esche, Gertrud Sandqvist, Marion Von Osten, Sharon Hayes & Andrea Geyer