The project Acting Normal was part of the exhibition Normalization at Rooseum, Malmö, taking place in 2006. The participating artists where:

Kristina Ask, Johanna Billing, Michael Blum, Pavel Braila, Goran Devic, Nermin Durakovic, Luke Fowler, IRWIN, Sejla Kameric, Andreja Kuluncic, Chad McCail, Lisa Nyberg, Tanja Ostojic, Dan Perjovschi, Renata Poljak, Kirstine Roepstorff, Pernille Skov & Søren Holm Hvilsby, Silke Wagner, Jasmila Zbanic, Ahmet Ögüt, Erkan Özgen & Sener Özmen.


Reading news papers from various parts of the world gives a challenging image of processes of normalization. Through a period of three months I collected newspapers from various parts of the world, Africa, Asia, America and Europe, and selected articles that in different ways would indicate a process of 'normalization.' This could be through discussing new legislation shaping the framework in which people are allowed to act in a specific context; it could be through pointing at an 'ab-normal' situation or by pointing at circumstances elsewhere being otherwise. (Foreground Ahmed Ögüt)

These clippings where displayed in a glass montre, usually serving as a container of value or 'truth holding content'. The articles had no indication of origin, all paper headings and images where removed. In this way the reader would be confronted with personal references, guessing and prejudice as to where the article came from, which in some cases would be revealed through reading the full text. The articles where for the most part from international news papers written in English, French, German, Swedish or Danish.

I made three lino prints; one imitating a front page of a newspaper, one portray the Suffragettes and one selected among the images removed from the clippings. This one was from an article brought in the French paper Le Monde describing an event taking place in Lyon. Here the local authorities had enacted a simulation of a terror attack to test the infrastructure of the city in a situation of emergency and to examine the reaction of the citizens. The image shows people who volunteered to act as being injured from the attack, the emergency crew and a press photographer. (Background Dan Perjovschi)

The image of the Suffragettes is from one of the demonstrations taking place in the early 1900 hundreds for women's right to vote. To draw attention to their cause and as part of their strategy the Suffragettes would spit on the police during the demonstration. This would lead to an arrest which again would guarantee the front page of the next days newspaper. The signposts used to display a message, by the Suffragettes and as standing in front of shops to promote a product or the days paper, was used in the exhibition to display the lino prints copied into large scale images. (Background Pernille Skov & Søren Holm Hvilsby)