A Flag For Every Occasion
September 2nd. – 26th., 2010

A group exhibition with Ida Kvetny (DK), Lasse Lau (DK), Yvette Brackman(DK), Kasper Bonnen (DK), Helle Mardahl(DK), Mette Winckelmann (DK), Nils Erik Gjerdevik (DK), Frans Jacobi (DK), Christina Hamre (DK), Nina Wengel (DK), Mathias Kryger(DK), Ursula Reuter Christiansen (DK), Kristina Ask & Tesnim Sayar(DK), Julie Sass (DK), Annesofie Sandal (DK), Tomas Lagermand Lundme (DK).
Curated by Mathias Kryger (DK) & Tomas Lagermand Lundme (DK).

The Danish flag, Dannebrog, has undergone a number of semiotic turns. In the light of globalization and a growing popularity of the Danish political right-wing, the action of flying the flag e.g. at birthdays, no longer seems to solely correspond with its intent.

Drawing on inspiration from Paul Gernes‚Äô proposals for the EF flag of 1972-73 ‚ recently exhibited at Documenta XII ‚ the exhibition sets out to investigate the innocence in the celebratory act of waving the flag. With a playful approach, the exhibition investigates the flag as cultural signifier, and questions the idea of production of static identity categories through the common symbols of the flag.

The exhibition runs during the newly appointed official national Flag Day- September 5th. A flag day which holds Dannebrog hostage - for good or bad!

Wonderland Art Space, Absalonsgade, Copenhagen V